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As part of our commitment to always do right by our clients, we host several events throughout the year to educate them and show our appreciation for them.

Keeping Your Retirement On Track!

An Evening of Financial Education

Do you have a Plan to keep your retirement on track? Join us for a gourmet dinner and professional insight on how to help you gain financial clarity, added confidence, and peace of mind in retirement.

Evening highlights:

  • How to position your portfolio for success in bull and bear markets
  • Understanding the difference between an investment strategy and a retirement plan
  • Strategies to optimize your retirement income, including Social Security benefits
  • How to use recent tax law changes to your benefit in retirement
  • Long-term care risk and the choices to be made
  • Determining how much is enough to insure your lifestyle all the way through retirement
  • The single most important tool for getting to and through retirement successfully
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